Jon Stewart figured out how hospitals set their billing rates

While we have not be able to figure out how hospitals set their rates, fortunately Jon Stewart has.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart examined the outrageous medical billing practices that are putting auto insurance affordability out of reach for many Michigan drivers. Stewart highlighted a TIME magazine story on the medical industry’s “chargemaster” rates and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services release of data that shows hospitals and medical providers are charging what ever rates they deem most profitable.

The TIME magazine article revealed the “chargemaster” rate that is kept secret by every hospital has absolutely no relevance to the cost of providing the service. This is the rate that is charged to auto insurers because there are no fee schedules and cost controls.

It’s this kind of excessive and unjustified medical billing practices that has put more than 1 million uninsured drivers on Michigan’s roads today.

So how do you prevent getting overcharged for auto related injuries? According to Jon Stewart, “All you have to do is get hurt near cheaper hospitals.”

Michigan No-Fault Facts

  • Michigan is the only state to require unlimited lifetime medical benefits.
  • The average premium $261 higher than any neighboring state.
  • The average insurance medical claim has increased 230 percent in the last 12 years and is more than twice as much as the next closest state.

Take Action Now!

Contact your state legislators today and tell them to stop medical providers who are gouging auto accident victims. Tell them it’s time to reform Michigan no-fault.