Michigan should reform no fault auto insurance

To the Editor:

I read recently that all Democrats in the Michigan House and Senate have vowed not to support no fault insurance reform. I would like state Rep. Scott Dianda, D-Calumet, to explain this.

On a national level, the Affordable Care Act is now law, which:

  • Requires every person to carry health insurance.
  • Eliminates pre-existing conditions.
  • Eliminates annual caps to health insurance policies.
  • Eliminates lifetime caps of any kind.
  • In addition, there are tax credits given to low-income households to ensure everyone can afford the new policies.

So why do we need to keep our unlimited medical benefit in place on our car insurance plans? All the arguments that I have ever heard in favor of unlimited personal injury protection coverage are addressed and taken care of with the ACA becoming law. People who have been injured previously will now be covered, no matter what their injuries were. They don’t have to worry about getting “maxed out” and kicked off a plan, and every person is required to have insurance, so we will not have uninsured drivers to worry about.

The only thing legislators need to do is make Medicare and Medicaid pay secondary benefits for auto accidents in Michigan. This should not be too difficult to accomplish, seeing how that is what is done in the other 49 states.

Michigan residents are tired of this being a political issue. As a person who sells insurance, I have never seen an auto application that asks for political affiliation. Michigan’s lawmakers should reform no fault and provide financial relief to all residents.

Jon Parker

Originally posted by The Daily Globe